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Smartsettle ONE Frequently Asked Questions:

We are committed to supporting you. Please contact us if you don’t find the answer to your question in these frequently asked questions.


What kind of cases can the trial help with?

  • Under the trial program funded by Innovative Solutions Canada, we can facilitate cases between two parties, that can be reduced to a single issue. Connect with us to see if we can help.


How much does it cost?

  • Accepted cases will be facilitated for free, and in exchange, you agree to help us improve Smartsettle ONE with your feedback 


If my case gets accepted, how will I be prepared for using Smartsettle ONE?

  • Your Certified Smartsettle Facilitator will be available to help guide you and answer questions during the Negotiation.


Can I practice first?

  • Yes! Sign up for an account by using the ‘Start a Case’ button, and you can practice against our Smartsettle Robot, or with a friend, as many times as you like.


What is a Facilitator?

  • A facilitator supports parties in taking control of a process that produces fair and efficient solutions. Parties using Smartsettle may engage a Certified Smartsettle Facilitator to help guide them through the Smartsettle problem-solving process


Can I become a Facilitator?

  • Yes! Contact us if you are interested in training to become a Certified Smartsettle Facilitator. 


I know someone who could use this. How do I introduce them to Smartsettle?

  • Please connect with Amanda Engen, our Community Project Lead. 


Will you pay a referral fee for bringing up cases?

  • No, we do not pay referral fees. 


If I refer a case to you, will I be actively involved during the negotiation?

  • You will only be involved further if you are a party in the case, or if you are supporting one of the parties.


How can I learn more about Smartsettle ONE?

  • Please connect with Amanda Engen, our Community Project Lead. 


What if my question isn’t answered here?

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