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Smartsettle ONE Testimonials:

"My Smartsettle ONE Facilitator was encouraging, knowledgeable, and supportive. She answered all my questions right away, and we reached an agreement in three weeks. I plan to use Smartsettle ONE again for my next negotiation."

- S. Anderson, Trial Participant


"I used Smartsettle ONE to negotiate my annual salary with my Boss and I thought the process was easy and fair, and the results were great. I would definitely use it again, and I recommend Smartsettle ONE to everyone."

- Nicole Pelland, Trial Participant


"I plan to use Smartsettle ONE in some upcoming business negotiations. I used it in a negotiation and was able to see right away that it would be a really useful tool for me for conducting price negotiations."

– Manoj Sood, Trial Participant


“I was able to quickly complete my negotiation with my Facilitator’s help. It was very straightforward and easy to follow. I can see this tool being useful for other projects.”

– Vanessa Ong, Trial Participant

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